All ALLDOCK compatible cables (Lightning, Micro USB and C-Type USB) can be found in our shop, because this guarantees the best possible performance, safety and high quality!
Both our ALLDOCK cables and all conventional USB cable types can be connected to the USB ports.
Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers, even the Apple Pen, the Apple Mouse, all USB keyboards and the remote control of your Apple TV and our new ALLDOCK To Go, are compatible with the ALLDOCK charging cradle.

Anspruchsvollste Technik & Design

The ALLDOCK combines the most sophisticated technology and design to create an elegant charging station. Thanks to its innovative spirit and attention to detail, the ALLDOCK is a functional work of art that perfectly blends into any home or office. With the best components and the latest USB charging technology “Designed in Germany”, you can charge your mobile devices on the ALLDOCK even faster than with conventional standard solutions.


Cable chaos is not only a dust catcher and a dangerous trip hazard, but also looks rather messy. Knotted cables now have an end, because ALLDOCK has the solution for you! The timeless and functional charging station allows you to prevent cable clutter by joining the cables together. ALLDOCK combines all your USB cables and electronic devices.


Thanks to ALLDOCK, you can charge your electronic devices faster than with conventional charging stations or USB socket adapters! This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on more important things.
The integrated power supply circuit identifies the type of device and automatically selects the best charging method for each USB port and electronic device.

The Design

Our design is not only based on functionality and elegance, but on you as well!
Our various materials such as wood, aluminium and plastic are characterised by high quality and loving workmanship.
The ALLDOCK design is based on the timeless style of Braun products developed by German designers like Dieter Rams.
This simple and timelessly designed USB multiple charging station fits perfectly into all your rooms and stands out as a unique accessory.


The charger inside the ALLDOCK charges your devices reliably and quickly. In addition, a sophisticated integrated circuit protects your hardware from overload, overvoltage and overheating. In addition, the USB hub itself is made of fire-resistant and high-quality polycarbonate.

Even more power for your devices

ALLDOCK new Gen.

Not only the design and accessories of ALLDOCK continue to develop, but also the technology. We are always anxious to create the best possible charging experience for you.

With the new generation of USB hubs, which are now installed in the ALLDOCK Large & Medium, we take the ALLDOCK to a new level in terms of charging performance and adapt the technology to the latest developments in the field of charging.

Experience it now!

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